A brief introduction

I am an experienced proposal writer and bid manager. I am also skilled at process improvement, data analysis, quality and lean management. I am analytical, systematic, thoughtful and possesses exceptional abilities in planning and execution. For my research and insight into RFP/ RFI process improvment, I have been awarded a Six Sigma Green Belt.

I am deeply passionate about understanding and empathizing with internal and external customers that I interact with. I possess advanced degrees in Business Administation and Psychology that help me do this better than most.


I aim to use my education and experience to supplement the creation of empathetic, enjoyable and easy-to-read business proposals.

Microsoft: Proposal Writer
This is probably the most exciting part of my career thus far. My job is to provide research driven business proposals that are compelling and compliant. As a Shipley consultant, I am APMP certified and am on my way to gaining the APMP Practitioner certification.
I have worked to sell solutions catering to Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Digital Transformation, Internet of Things and Virtual Reality
Aconex- Bids and Proposals Lead

​2016 - 2017


​During my work with Aconex, I have worked on the creation of RFP and RFI responses for clients across the world. All the proposals I've written are Shipley-standard-compliant. I have also worked on tools like RFP 365 to automate the RFP responses.

I collaborate with a globally dispersed team of legal heads, consultants, delivery teams, product managers, sales teams and HR in creating customised RFP responses



Microland- Lead, Bid Management

​2015- 2016


At this point of my career, I worked on creating proposals, building solutions, met with clients to understand their problems, performed in-depth market research, analysed global opportunities and have been involved deeply in beating the competition​. I have also been instrumental in creating partnerships with other vendors who would make our business offer out-of-the-box solutions.



HCL Technologies- Associate Business Analyst

​2013 - 2015


This was my first job. During my work with HCL, I was heavily trained in a wide variety of skills such a time management, collaboration and quality. The team I led identified the reasons that contribute to RFP response delays. This finding saved over 50000 hours per year across HCL, which in turn translated to savings over $2 Million.


For the research, inferential analysis, and improvement program, that I led, I was awarded a Green Belt for Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement.  


MS Word

MS Excel

MS Powerpoint




I love playing the guitar, piano, the ukulele and the kalimba. I also enjoy singing songs, writing poetry.

You would otherwise find me reading, teaching math to kids, travelling or playing tennis

Alliance University

​2011- 2013


I took my MBA very seriously, after having learnt hard lessons during my engineering. My study was not limited to academic books, as I had the wonderful opportunity to rub shoulders and be mentored by professors like Dr. Ray Titus, Dr. Debashish Sengupta, Dr Madhumita GM, and Dr. Mike Raisinghania.


All of these individuals are authors of famous books and their wisdom has rubbed off to me. II learnt from my professors that it is difficult to understand business, if we do not understand people. It was they who inspired me to pursue Psychology after my MBA. In 2017, I will have completed my masters in psychology.



RVR and JC College of Engineering



During my engineering, I always desired to see what the future may look like. Based on my learning, I designed things like the break-n-fix- guitar, the underwater-mining robot and other fancy things. I also assisted in building our college's famous automobile that runs on water and electricity.​

It was here that I learnt the art of public speaking, writing and the joy of poetry, music and art.


T: +91-9901919798